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Topless Model Shoot on Railay Beach Krabi

Topless model shoot at Railay Beach Krabi

ShareRailay Beach in Krabi offers the most stunning backdrops for postcard-perfect photographs. All the better, when a topless girl is part of the picture — or so the photographer of this shot might have thought, while catching a model shoot on Railay Beach on camera.  

Topless Thai Girl in a Phuket Resort Pool

Nude Thai Girl in the Pool of the Mangosteen Resort And Ayurveda Spa

ShareVia Mangosteen Phuket, a very special treat of Eye Candy comes our way: a promotional picture with a topless Thai girl floating on an air mattress in the pool of the Mangosteen Resort And Ayurveda Spa, one of the leading 4 Star hotels near Nai Harn Beach in Phuket. Colored a very healthy bronze and

Nude Phuket beach shots

Kate Moss topless on a Phuket Beach

ShareLooking at the number of forum posts and questions with regard to nude sunbathing on Phuket, this seems to bring in a big fascination in a lot of people. However, I do not really understand, what the whole excitement is about: middle-aged, often overweight and not at all attractive Westerners sitting around burned to lobster-red