Sexy Thai Girls

Thailand is what it is, and a large part of its fascination comes from its female inhabitants. It is undeniable, that Thai girls are some of the most beautiful and sensual beings on this planet.

Fonthip Watcharatrakul (Miss Thailand Universe 2010)

Fonthip Watcharatrakul (Miss Thailand Universe 2010)

However, this beauty is often marred by exploitation and shameless profiteering.

Following official remarks by Thai politicians, the often smutty image of Thailand disturbs many of them, and every year there are campaigns to clean up the image. For example, every start of the school year, there is a campaign forbidding short skirts at Thai universities, and every Thai new Year (Songkran), there is verbal activism against Thai women driving around during the water fights in nearly see-through T-shirts.

On the other hand, there is total and deafening silence, as soon as it is not about scratching on the surface, but actually going a bit deeper: the sexy Thai girls are a money bringer for nearly everybody in this country, from the more obvious benefactors like bars, agogos and a large part of tourism in general.

But there is a sheer impossible number of fashion magazines out there, promoting all kinds of female accessories and fashion with the pictures of often less than fully clothed women. Starlets and ongoing singers do often have a connection to the night life, and the party scene in Thailand can be described as often ‘semi-professional’.

In the end, Thailand is like many other parts of the modern world we all live in — consumerism, globalism, and the endless hunt after the next short-term gain — on the outside nice and shiny, with the fist closed tightly around the Thai baht in the pocket…

Has this become a little bit of a rant? Maybe  :-)

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